Humsafars: Sahir to break Arzoo’s heart and Samaira and her father to trap Sahir

The on-going track of Humsafars, Arzoo and Sahir sharing some romantic moments and making promises to each other.Arzoo is still unaware of Sahir’s reality though Zaki tries to bring the truth in front of her. However, the upcoming episodes will see Sahir finally revealing to Arzoo that he is married which will leave her completely heartbroken. After hearing this news, she will be in a state of shock.

On the other hand, a horrible turn of events will see Arzoo landing up in a terrible situation where her life is in danger. When Arzoo leaves from there after hearing the news, the cab driver will try to take advantage of her. As she will try to put up a fight, Arzoo will dial Sahir’s number accidentally who will hear everything. He will immediately come to save Arzoo.

humsafarsIn upcoming episode, Sahir’s problems will increase due girl named Samaira who claims that she is pregnant and sahir’s baby is growing in her womb. Then Samaira’s father will come to Sahir’s house with proof and force to Sahir to marry with his daughter.

Let’s see how will Sahir come out from this problem? Will Sahir misunderstand Sahir due to Samaira?

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