Sahir to confess his love feeling to Arzoo in Humsafars

Sony TV’s Humsafars is grabbing audience’s mind with its different concept of Muslim tradition. Once again Gul Khan is getting success in Muslim backdrop show Humasfars after Qubool Hai.

Humsafars’ Arzoo(Shivya Patel) and Sahir(Harshad Chopra) got immense popularity and now it’s time of confession. In past episode we have seen, Kudti Appa blamed Arzoo that she becomes mother of Zaki’s child. Sahir can’t say any word to Arzoo about her pregnancy with Zaki.

In the upcoming episode, we will get to see romance between Arzoo and Sahir. Well, what exactly happen is it is Arzoo’s birthday and knowing about this, Sahir plans a surprise for her.

humsafarsHe confronts to her that this day is very special for her and also it is the best time for him to convey his feelings for her. He swiftly says ‘I Love You’ but Arzoo refuses his proposal and quips she does not love him. Later, when all of this is over, standing at the Balcony Arzoo thinks that if he really loves her or not. Had he actually loved her, he would not have misunderstood her during the entire pregnancy scene.

Meanwhile, Rehman tells Zaki that your brother is with Arzoo on terrace. Definitely it will create high voltage drama.

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