Arzoo and Sahir’s Valentine celebration in Humsafars

Shahir (Harshad Chopra) starts a new life with his wife Aarzoo (Shivya Pathania) by revealing his first wife Zeenat’s true face to her in Humsafars.

Aarzoo’s love increases for Shahir knowing that he loves only her now. She plans to make Valentine day memorable  for Shahir.

She makes a romantic environment for Shahir and Shahir also sings a song for Shahir. He once again turns into  lover and showers his love on Aarzoo that she deserves in real.

Aarzoo and Shahir also share some hot romance being intimate with each other. Shahir and Aarzoo’s love life will add more twist and turns because Zeenat is not ready to let Shahir and Aarzoo’s life happy anymore.

humfarrsOn the other hand, Rathore is investigating to find out the culprit of Niyamat house.

Let’s see how Shahir and Aarzoo will handle the situations in the upcoming episode.

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