Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji entire star casts, real age, personal information, roles, photos, details

Zee Marathi is all set to launch big mega project Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji by Budget wise and also by subject wise.

Sambhu Raje is very special, different personalities of Maratha and it’s so difficult to reach to Audience.

Dr Amol Kolhe was seeing dream since 8 years that how can he reach Sambhu Raje Gatha to Audience who are unknown about it. Yes his dream come true with Zee Marathi and entire team of Sambhaji.

Initially this Serial was aired on Colors channel but it didn’t work.Get to know about casts of Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji

Dr Amol Kolhe is playing Raje Sambhaji role

Pratiksha Lonkar is playing Jijamata role which is so important role as Sambhu’s mother Saibai died when he was 6 years. Shambhu was grown-up under Jijamata’s sanskar.

Purva Gokhale is easaying Shabhu’s mother Saibai role. She was fame of Zee Marathi old show Kulvadhu.

Anil Behlis playing Villian role Aurangjeb who has done 200  Hindi Serials and got many awards but he is going to play first time Marathi serial. His role is very difficult but he trying his best.

Aurangjeb role is very challenging task for Amit as he is very aggressive and huge 7 lakh Sena warrior.  Amit Behl is learning Aurangjeb’s method to do namaz and many more activities.

Aurangjeb is very strict follower of Islam, he killed his brother and sister. Really this role is challenging hope he will do best.

Serial story will start from Sambhu’s childhood so Everyone is eager to know who will play younger Sambhaji role.

Divesh  Medge is playing Younger child Sambhaji role which is also very challenging as he learnt Gofan, Baithaka, Shashtra etc.

He is very excited to do  younger Sambhaji.

Snehlata Tawde is playing Soyra Bai and Pallavi Vaidhya is playing Putala Bai role.

Group photo of entire star casts of this Serial at launch day of show.

Don’t forget to watch Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji  first Maha  special episode on 24th Sept at 7 pm and then it will air on 25th at 9pm.

शंतनु मोघे कलाकार साकारणार छत्रपती शिवरायांची एतीहासीक भूमिका जे आजही सर्वांच्या हृदयात आहे
स्वराज्य रक्षक संभाजी

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