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IPKKND2: Anjali to convince Shlok to break Astha’s harthalika fast

Niranjan blocked all sources for Astha and Anjali in star plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko kya Naam doon Dubara. Astha and Anjali will decide to work in office to challenge Niranjan. As we have seen in past episode, Astha gave Anjali’s name to educational scholarship of Agnihotri company. Now Anjali will come in ...Read More

Ek Hasina Thi: Durga’s plan to paralyze Shaurya who is biggest weakness of Sakshi

As we have seen  in Star Plus’ Ek Hasina Thi, Sakshi harmed Payal who is biggest weakness of Durga at Durga Maha pooja. But Sakshi won’t know Durga is old player to defeat her plan. Durga will make her original plan of Vaishnav Devi trip to win over Sakshi. Durga will use ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to make name plate of Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla as gift for Ishita

AS we have reported that daughter and Father’s love made Ashok and Shagun’s plan flop. Ruhi took test of Raman and he passed in her test. Shagun tried to spoil Ruhi and Raman’s relation but after this drama, Raman and Ruhi’s relation got more stronger than before. Raman will thank to Ishita ...Read More

Shibani Kashyap and Raj Singh enter in Veera to help Ranveer in Mumbai

Popular singer Shibani Kashyap is very well-known in Bollywood for her song Sajnaa Aa Bhi Jaa from the movie Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2.Though she is seen in music videos, this time she is all set to make a TV debut with the show Veera. Shibani will be seen as Megha ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi and Raman’s love destroy Ashok’s plan

As we have seen, Ashok told Shagun and Suresh that Raman is his competitor and due to Raman’s image he can’t climb success. Then Shagun  showed him her pregnancy paper at the time of Ruhi on which Raman’s sign there. Shagun told that her pregnancy was complicated and Raman took decision to ...Read More

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai: Aditya and Ayesha will become parents

Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai..Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara is going on interesting track that Ayesha will come to know that she is pregnant. But she will announce that a baby who is growing in her womb is not Aditya’s child. Ayesha will tell Aditya that she took support of him ...Read More

Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Pareeniti Chopra on Satyamev Jayate 3

One of the most popular and favorite reality shows ever, Satyamev Jayate is soon going to be back on screen. And this time Aamir Khan will use unique strategies for reaching out to show audience. Unlike the previous seasons, this season will have other celebs talking about various causes along with Aamir Khan. ...Read More

Saathiya: Paridhi to stop Jigar from going abroad and also get his sign on marriage papers

As we have seen in Star Plus show Saathiya, Modi family lost Rashi(Rucha) and Tolu, Monu also came to know about their mother death. Jigar goes missing and whole family tensed about Jigar. But after some time Jigar came to Modi house and brought diamond neck-less for Rashi. Rashi was always demanded ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihir’s truth to come out in front of Mihika as he is Shagun’s brother and Poormina Aunty may be Shagun’s mother

AS we have seen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita has doubt on Mihir that he hide something about his family from them. She found Rakhi in his home then she confronted to Raman but Raman ignored her. Ishita has also doubt on Raman that he hide truth of Mihir. Later, Mihir and ...Read More

Veera: Ranvi to go to Mumbai to achieve his goal along with Gunjan

As we have seen in last episode of Ek Veer Ki Ardaas..Veera that Ranvijay is very disturbed to know that he has become a victim of fraud, he even thinks to quit his dream of being a singer and decides to live a farmer’s life. All family members tried to convince Ranvi ...Read More