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Saraswatichandra: Anushka is mastermind behind Saras’s death

Sphere Origins’ popular show Saraswatichandra is grabbing audience’ attention with its twists and turns. As we have reported Saras died in the show after coming back to Ratnanagiri along with Kumud, Anushkaand  and Kabir. But question arises that who did Saras’s murder or it was an accident? As we heard,Anushka(Shrusty) who has ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ashok to use Mihika to seek his revenge from Shagun

Bhalla and Iyer family will ready for Cricket match and on the other side Ishita and Raman are also happy with Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. But problem will follow happiness in daily soap. Ashok proposed Shagun to give her diamond ring but all was only show off to impress her. Actually ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Cricket match between Iyer and Bhalla family

Happiest moment knocks Yeh Hai Mohabbatein door one after another. After long court drama, Iyer and Bhalla family enjoyed family trip in resort and now they will play cricket match. In upcoming episode, Ruhi will be demanding a video game  to Ishita and Raman, on the other hand Shravan will also demand ...Read More

Masterji to kidnap Gopi and Rashi will kill in Saathiya

Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show very interesting  track in upcoming episodes. As we have seen, Masterji secretly loves Gopi and he wants her at any cost. Rashi called Masterji in Modi Bhvan for staying and Rashi will catch in his plan. Masterji will make plan to kidnap Gopi , ...Read More

IPKKND2: Niranjan to accept Jyoti and Siddharth relation

Jyoti and Siddharth’s love relation will be published in newspaper by Abhay. All people will ask to Niranjan Agnihotri about truth behind his daughter Jyoti’s photos in newspaper with Siddharth. Shocking news for audience of IPKKND2 is Nirajan Agnihotri who always takes care of his prestige instead of his kids, he will ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ramana and Ishita’s honeymoon to Europe

Recently we have reported couple cooking competition will be held in resort where Iyer and Bhalla family go for picnic. One who will win competition, will get air tickets of Europe. All couples will take participate in this competition with one rule to bind one hand of both partners. All couples will ...Read More

IPKKND2: Jyoti and Siddharth’s relation to come in front of society through newspaper

Abhay took Jyoti’s baby from her and also he also capture Jyoti and Siddharth’s photo when they were in hospital. Jyoti and Siddharth’s relation will come in front of society through newspaper. Abhay will publish Jyoti and Sid’ photo in newspaper. People will ask to Niranjan Agnihotri about Jyoti’s relation with Sid. ...Read More

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Couple cooking competition in picnic and winner will go to Europe

Yeh Hai Mohabatein is going on picnic track. We have seen, Ramna and Ishita went alone by car and whole family by bus. Raman also took  care of Ishita when she has allergy of cake. When Ramna’s car hit tree then Ishita behaved like she last her memory but she was just ...Read More

Naitik-Akshara’s 10th marriage anniversary in Ye Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai

Star Plus’ Ye Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai show is running from 5 years. This show will try to show new new concept every time. After Akshara’s brother Anshu’s marriage, Akshara-Naitik’s 10th marriage anniversary track will come. We always say that love ends after marriage but Naitik-Akshra’s love is growing day by day. ...Read More

Ek Hasina Thi: Shaurya to be jealous on Neil and Durga in fake engagement ceremony

As we have reported Sakshi buy jewellery for Durga for her engagement. Durga and Neil will engage in Ek Hasina Thi and Neil is none other than Amir Ali who is real husband of Sanjeeta Shaikh(Durga). Audience will get to see real life couple in reel life in Ek Hasina Thi. Amir ...Read More