Humsafars: Sahir-Arzoo’s marriage life to start with hate

We have informed earlier that, Sahir, Arzoo and Zaki are ready for marriage and twist is that who will begroom of bride Arzoo.

Sahir and Aarzoo’s love-hate story is going to become a complete hate story in the upcoming episode of Humsafars. Aarzoo walks on the burning coal and regret for loving Shahir and promises to never love him again.

Shahir scares Aarzoo that if she will refuse to do marry with him then he will destroy her career and family.Aarzoo accepts his marriage proposal just for marriage sake and say Qubool Hai by walking on the coal.

Shahir feels pain to see Aarzoo’s condition. He also walks on the coal saying Qubool Hai.

humsafarsBoth Shahir and Aarzoo finally turn into married couple as well as hate couple.

Aarzoo also feels sorry for refusing Zaki’s marriage proposal for Shahir whom she hates very much. Sahir, Arzoo and Zaki has some duties regarding marriage, no one is happy with marriage.

charcoal hums

Let’s see how will this hate story convert into love story?

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