Humsafars: Confusion of Arzoo’s marriage with Sahir or Zaki?

A new promo of much love show Humsafars will hit the screen soon in which, Arzoo will be seen in bride attire and two grooms will be ready for her, one Sahir and his own brother Zaki will be also seen in groom attire.

As per currents track of Sony’s Humsafars, Sahir saved Arzoo from rapist, Seeing all of this, she feels as though the entire sequence of driver raping her was staged by him and starts yelling at him that to which level can he stoop.

Arzoo knew about Sahir’s dark past and that he is married since past ten years. His wife is in coma. She feels that Sahir is cheating her and hide his past from her.

On the Parallel side, Zaki also confess his love feeling to Arzoo. Samaira and Rehman will create problem for Sahir.

humsafarsLet’s see who will be groom of Arzoo? Wait and watch for high voltage drama of Humsafars.

Keep reading space for more updates of Humsafars.

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