Tuzyat Jeev Rangala: Rana and Anjali to go to honeymoon

Good news for the fans of lovely couple of Zee Marathi show Tuzyat Jeev Rangala, Rana( Hardeek Joshi)and Anjali (Akshaya).

Everyone is happy with Rana and Anjali returning to Vada and all rituals are going in full swing which has pending after their marriage.

Aba gets new eagerness by returning Rana and his wife Anjali to home as he got elder daughter in law finally.

As we have seen, Rana and Anjali went to Ambabai Devi after marriage and Aba gives responsibility of entire Gaikwad vada to Anhali.

Happiness never stop here, Aba will arrange Satyanarayan Pooja on Vada as newly married couple will follow this rituals.

Nandita is not happy as Aba gives every responsibility and rights to Anhali and he taunts to her due to her irresponsible Ness. She gets frustrated and plan to do something big.

Among all this, Aba will give one more surprise to Rana and Anjali that they will have go to Honeymoon wherever they want to go.

Let’s see what will be Rana and Anjali’s honeymoon destination? It will be Manali, Kashmir or foreign​?

As per trend, Marathi serial couples choose foreign for honeymoon like Shiv-Gauri, Sarawati- Raghav.

After many misunderstanding Ranaji and Anjali’s honeymoon becomes sweet n memorable.

Let’s check some cute and romantic pics

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