Tarak Mehata ka Ooltah CHashmah: Jethalal to come back to Gokuldhaam society but mistaken as thief

As per recent track we saw Jethalal heading towards Tiruvanthapuram so he is missing from show.
Makers will be seen showing a gang of people running after a thief. On the other hand, a dog is chasing Jethalal and he is running to save himself from the dog.
jethala come back to tmkocThe story further unfolds, “The thief diverts its way and people think Jethalal is the actual thief. All of them will enter the Gokuldham society in search for the thief which creates a chaos. Hearing this, Daya comes out to look on what’s the matter and figures out that he is Jethalal and not the thief.
So audience will life now as your comedy actor will come with more comedy and happiness.


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