Nitish Chavan aka fauji in Lagir Zal Ji biography, wiki, personal info

Nitish Chavan is playing Male lead character in Zee Marathi new serial Lagir Zal Ji as a Fauji opposite to Shivani Baokar.

Personal information:

  • Birth date: 7th July 1990
  • Birth place: Satara
  • Hometown: Satara
  • School: New English shool
  • College: Done BCA at KVM
  • Education:Done DACA course of designing at Sunbeam institute, Pune. He has also done C-DAC at Pune.
  • Occupation: Nitish Chavan is dancer and has his own academy NEXGEN dance academy at Satara. He is working at theater artist
  • Girlfriend: Nitish Chavan is not dating to anyone yet.
  • Parents:His parents lives in Satara.

Nitish Chavan has been worked in many plays like Vitthaka, Tin Paisyacha Khel. He was also seen in Puneri Miss Album but as background dancer. He got big break in Lagir Zal Ji Serial. He made debut with this show as male lead, fauji, army man, soldier.

Nitish Chavan has worked with some local advertising.

Role in Lagir Zal Ji: Nitish is playing role of Ajinkya who works in Army(fauji).

Ajinkya Shinde (Nitish ) is living with her Mama, mami and Aaji as his parents died in his childhood. He loves Country and wants to admit in army in any way. His dream, passion, dedication is the only to become fauji. But his guardian refuse his decision because His mama has the only girl Jayshri(Kiran Dhane)

Mama and Mami want that Ajinkya and Jayshri will get marry so their daughter will be always near to them and Ajinkya will be support at their old age.

But destiny wants something different Shital Pawar deeply in love with Ajinkya like Ajinkya’s dedication towards Country.

Initially Ajinkya and Shital’s ┬áchemistry will be seen little bit bitter as they fight everytime but later Shital realizes her love towards Ajinkya.

Let’s see Ajinkya and Shital’s different love story in Lagir Zal Ji.



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