Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi:Shree and Janhavi face to face in Lakshmikant Kaka’s home

HSMHGZEE Marathi popular show Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi is going on interesting track. Janhavi(Tejashree Pradhan) meets Lakshmikant Kaka(Prasad Oak) only for Choti Aai and she is hiding it  from Gokhale family, even shree unaware about it.

On the other hand, Shree(Shashank Ketkar) also helped Choti Aai by arranging meeting with kaka and he is also hiding it from Gokhale family and Janhavi. Shree wants to keep kaka far away from Choti Aai and his family but Janhavi wants to reunite Kaka and Aai Aaji.

According to new promo of HSMHG, Janhavi will come to Lakshmikant kaka’s home for returning gold chain which is given by Kaka. Kaka will not allow her to enter in his home but she enters forcefully to tell that she won’t keep that chain with her. Coincidently Shree will already present  there.

Shree and Janhavi will see each other at Kaka’s home and both will get big shock. Let’s see what will Happen in our favorite serial Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi? Will this create any problem between Shree and Janhavi?



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  1. October 14, 2014

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