Grahan first episode story, suspense, drama

Zee Marathi horror serial Grahan has started from 19th March at 10:30 pm with full power, suspense.

In first episode of Grahan, Rama Sarpodar(Pallavi Joshi) is happy married woman lives with her husband AbhayAbout Sar(Sunil Barve) and two kids Akshay and Aarya in Vada.

Vada is old but Sarpodar family will leave it soon as Builder wants to make tower on Vada place.

Abhay is planning for Rama’s surprise birthday party along with kids and neighbours. So they they make excuse to send Rama outside and plan for her bday.

Rama went to ice cream shop for kids but it was going to close so she ran fast and a truck came in front of her. Fortunately she is safe.

When she came to home, she got surprise that a big tower took place of vada and her family were not there too.

She is in shock. In half an hour everything got changed . Where is her family? So many questions are in queue but still she are facing it.

In second episode, Niranjan who lives in Tower came down and tring to help Rama. His mother denied him to go with Rama but he didn’t.


When Rama entered in tower, lights got off and on. Who is Rama? What is her real identity?

Niranjan tried to call Abhay as Rama gave him a landline number but his no is wrong number.Niranjan confronted rama’s story to his brother doctor and he told first file complain in police but Niranjan didn’t.

Niranjan’s mother told Rama to leave home early but Rama answered her that how she can leave home and with which face. She tuned and Niranjan’s mother scared……suspense.

Let’s wait and watch for upcoming twist and turn of Grahan.

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