Baaji new Marathi historical serial on Zee Marathi

Baaji is the new upcoming historical marathi serial which will hit Zee Marathi channel very soon. Finally Grahan’s suspense is over in nnextweek and Baaji will take place of this serial.

Grahan serial is finite series of 100 episodes which will end soon. Rama’s problem will solve and she will get her family in upcoming episodes of the show.

Zee Marathi channel business head  Mahesh Mayekar told to news reporters that Grahan final shooting has been done and Baaji serial shooting has already started and 70% shoot has completed as this is also finite series of 100 episodes.

आपलं वतन आणि आपल्या माणसाचं मन राखाया जीवाची बाजी लावेल हा ‘बाजी’..! नवी मालिका ‘बाजी’, ३० जुलैपासून सोम. ते शनि. रात्री १०. ३० वाजता फक्त आपल्या झी मराठीवर.. #Baaji

Baaji serial is based on fighter Baajirao Peshwa who was right hand of  Shivaji Maharaj. Makers are trying to show era of Peshwai and British to end Maratha by using Nijamshai to end Maratha. As per story British was gave target of 100 days to Shera to end Maratha.

As Baaji is historical concept , makers have taken the help of novel of author G. N.Dandekar. Though it is historical theory, it is fictional drama. They took some incidents of history like Katraj pond in which poison was mixed, Ganapati was stolen from lake etc.

This series is getting shoot in Saswad and Bhor wada near Pune. Unlike saas bahu serials, Audience prefere to watch finite series which ends early.

This serial is starting from 30th July at 10:30 pm from Monday to Saturday . We will share star casts of Baaji very soon.

As per Instagram post, Santosh kolhe who is working in TV industry, posted Baaji serial star cast abhijeet Shwetchandra is playing Baajirao Peshwe role. Other casts are Prakhar Singh, Nupur Daintankar, Rajesh Aher, Bhakti Rasa, Kiran Bhalerao and Tejash Ghadge.

Chandrakant Khanse is directing this epic fictional drama.


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