YHM : OMG Karan Patel Aka Raman Suffering from Fever

One of the most loved actor on television Karan Pattel Aka Raman Bhala is suffering from fever.

There are many news coming out of his professionalism in media. He is known for reaching out late on sets. However recently we saw different side of Karan. Despite of suffering from fever,  Karan continued to shoot for his show YHM.

Its difficult for production house to give leave Raman for some time because of Ghost track, Which requires both Raman and Ishita in each and every seen.

Karan Patel

During shooting his fever increased and he took some rest in his vanity van. A doctor was called immediately on set and Karanwas treated in van only.

After taking some rest and prescribed medicines, he came back on shoot.

We wish Karan to get well soon and people to see his professionalism too. We request all out readers to make this post viral so that media can also see positive side of Karan Patel.

We know Karan is hero in reel life and real life too.

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  1. July 25, 2016

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