Tejashree Pradhan’s new serial Prem He on Zee Yuva

Tejashree Pradhan who is best known for her Janhavi role in Very popular serial.of Zee Marathi Honar Sunn Mi Hya gharchi With Shashank Ketkar.

After this serial, she turned to movies To Sandhya Kay karte, Baba Amte and many more.

Good new for fans of Tejshree that she will come back on TV with new serial Prem He with Vaibhav Tatwadi.

Zee Yuva is starting a new serial Prem He with stories of love featuring the Top Marathi Celebrities. In the month of love, February, this new serial will give a great surpise for the fans of the channel Zee Yuva, meant for the youth. Prem He starts from 27th February every Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm.

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