Swaragini: Ragini to get shock knowing the betrayal of Lakshya

Well, we have told how Sanskaar would be able to prove Swara innocent and how they all would be able to prove Kavita and Kaveri as the real culprits.


Now that Ragini gets happy that she and Swara would finally be getting married, all her dreams come shattering down when Lakshya would get married to his ex girl friend; thus betraying Ragini.

Ragini gets into a shock knowing this and by knowing that Lakshya has done the drama of love and change to get the property back from her.

Lakshya’s girl friend is played by none other than Roop Durgapal, who was also seen in a prominent role in Balika Vadhu.


Roop who would now be seen in Swaragini as the ex girl friend of Lakshya will be seen creating more troubles in the lives of Ragini and Swara.

What is the motive behind her getting married to Lakshya? How will Ragini win her love back is something we need to wait and watch.


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