Sasural Simar Ka: Simar’s 100 years old past to come out and she killed Indravati

As we have inform earlier Simar has connection with dayaan Indravati and their 100 years old relationship will be reveal in the show Sasural Simar Ka.

Simar’s 100 year old birth name is Padmavati who was sister of Dayaan Indravati, But whey Indravti come to Simar’s life after 100 years?

In the coming episodes it will be revealed that both Indrawati and Padmawati (Simar in her previous birth) were in love with a young royal man, Rana ji. And Rana ji is none other than Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) in her previous birth. With both the sisters falling in love with the same man, developed a love triangle between them, which resulted in Indrawati’s tragic fate.

sasural simar latest twistWith Amar’s (Alan Kapoor) help, Simar has already visited her past life in a hypnotic state. And from her memories, she has realized that she killed her sister in her previous birth, which shattered her.

Indravati’s motive to enter in Simar’s life to get back Prem’s love once again in her life and complete her revenge against Simar.

Let’s wait how will Simar handle Indravati and her previous birth tragedy?

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