Saathiya: Dharam’s third marriage to break and fourth affair to start

Saathiya Nibhana Saathiya is the longest running show in which new twist and turns are continuously grabbing audience attention.

As we have seen, Ramakant’s marriage drama is not ended completely, a new marriage drama will start in Saathiya. Yes, Dharam’s third marriage drama is going on with full planning of Gaura and Bhavani.

Dharam’s second wife Meera ran away from home so Gaura and Bhavani managed to find third bride for Dharam. Vidhya tried to change Dharam’s decision to get marry with Supriya but nothing worked out and she did gatbandhan of Dharam and Supriya.

But Vidhya found newspaper in which Supriya is runaway criminal from jail so she called police and got success to break marriage. Dharam gets shock that her mother found a bride for him who is criminal.

A real drama will start when Meera will come on Dharam’s third marriage and love triangle will start between Dharam, Meera and Bhavani.

Bhavani(Priya) is started liking Dharam and on Dharam’s Haldi ceremony, she could not stop herself to stear Dharam lovingly.Dharam was also stearing her and Vidhya understood it well.

Get ready to watch new drama of Dharam-Meera- Bhavani in Saathiya .

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