Prateek shukla to enter in Sasural Simar Ka as a Kartik to create problem in Simar’s life

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ colors show Sasural Simar Ka is running on a lot of interesting and mystery buzz regarding Simar’s new family.
Show story is revolving around the mystery behind Suniana’s accident, it will soon unfold in the upcoming track with a new entry in the show.

In the last episodes, we have seen that Roli comes to know that her sister Simar is alive as both sisters met in Summar camp and Simmar is  far away from Bharatwaj family and staying in Gujarathi family as Sunaina. Roli decides to find out the mystery behind Simar’s new avatar Sunaina as she wants to know what exactly happened that made her sister stay far away from her family.

prateek shuklaSunaina on the other side is taking care of Vikrant’s house and his family as she feels she is responsible for Sunaina’s death.

As usual show will introduce a new actor Kartik (Prateek Shukla) to spice up the drama. He will be seen as Vikrant’s younger brother. Kartik is a Doctor by profession who stays in Delhi, he will give a surprise visit, to meet Vikrant and his family. He comes and scare Simar and she will think that a ghost has entered the house.

Kartik will play a negative character and he will create problems in Simar’s life for taking revenge. Let’s enjoy high voltage drama in Sasural Simar Ka.

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