Phulpakharu new serial on Zee Yuva

Phulpakhru is the new serial which will start from 24th April every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on Zee Yuva.

Zee Yuva is always trying to hook younger audience with it’s new serials which based on younger love stories. Zee Yuva’s two popular serials Prem He and Sargam already on floor and grabbing many views.

Among all these, Zee Yuva is bringing new serial named Phulpakharu which is also a love story but very delicate, one sided.

दिग्दर्शनावर मालिकेचं बरचसं यश अवलंबून असतं. मराठी मालिकांना यशाकडे नेणारा दिग्दर्शक ‘मंदार देवस्थळी’, आपल्या दिग्दर्शनाने रेखाटणार एक सुंदर फुलपाखरू.

कसा अनामिक,
कोण सख्या तू?
शोधूनि थकले रे,
मी फुलपाखरू…
पाहा, #Phulpakharu , २४ एप्रिलपासून, सोम-शुक्र संध्या ७.३० वा. फक्त #ZeeYuva वर…

Director : Amol Pathare
Direction Team : Kaustubh Rasal, Niket Halve, Prashant Adsul , Vividh Korgaonkar
Lyrics : Vishal Rane
Music : Vishal – Jagdish
Singers : Kirti Killedar & Anurag Godbole.
DOP : Mihir Mahidhar
Editor : Yogesh Khandale
GFX : Deepak kashid
Colorist : Gaurav
Executive Producers: Vividh Korgaonkar, Rutuja Joshi

Storyline of Phulpakharu is all about a college going girl Vaidehi who is unaware of someone who loves her. It is said that the butterfly chooses its own flower. The role of Vaidehi is played byHruta Durgule. Vaidehi’s father called her Phulpakharu as her pet name.

She was last seen in the the Star Pravah hit show “Durva” with actor Harshad Atkari.

The male lead’s name  Yashoman Apte.

We will share star casts of Phulpakharu very soon.

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