New show of Colors Marathi ‘Asa Sasar Surekh Bai’ starring Mrunal Dusanis and Santosh Juvekar

Colors Marathi brings new serial ‘Assa Sasar Surekh Bai’ featuring Mrunal Dusanis and Santosh Juvekar. Asa Sasar Surekh Bai’ is story all about marriage concept.

As we know Girls are interested and also committed for marriage but Boys take it lightly and they think that life is totally disturb after marriage. In opposite, girls think that life gets totally positively changed after marriage.

Santosh Juvekar who return to TV after 9 years by giving excellent performance in popular serials “Vadalvaat” and “Hya Gojivanua Gharat”, in upcoming show Asa Sasar Surekh Bai’ on Colors Marathi. Santosh was seen in many Marathi movies like Zenda, Sharyat, Moraya and many more.

asa sasar surekh baiMrunal Dusanis is playing opposite to Santosh Juvekar  in ‘Asa Sasar Surekh Bai’, who was last seen in ZEE Marathi serial “Tu Tithe Me” and “Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena”.

First time, viewers will get to see Mrunal Dusane and Santosh  Juvekar’s chemistry on TV.

  1. January 14, 2016
  2. July 5, 2015

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