Lalit Prabhakar new serial after Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi

Lalit Prabhakar who got fame from Zee Marathi serial Julun yeti reshim gathi in which he played Aditya role opposite to Meghna(Prajakta Mali).

Good news for fans of Lalit, he is back to TV serial after JYRG.

Yes, you heard correct.

Aditya(Lalit Prabhakar) is coming back to TV with new show on Zee Yuva, Prem He.

Love is magic and no one can fall in love with planning, you have to go with the flow in love without thinking of future .


Yuva serial Prem He’s 5th story Gudi Premachi is about two paying guests (PGs) Amruta and Swapnil who are staying in same flat. Though they don’t want to stay together, condition force them to stay together.

‘Gudi Premachi’ love story features Lalit Prabhakar n Bhagyashree Mote.

स्वप्नील हा एका श्रीमंत घरातील मुलगा , पण बिझिनेस मुळे वडिलांना त्याच्याकडे लक्ष देता आले नाही. लहानपणापासून तारुण्यापर्यंत अख्खा प्रवास एकट्याने केल्यामुळे त्याला आयुष्यात कोणाचीही साथ नको असते.

स्वप्नील आणि अमृताच्या गोष्टीला सुरुवात होते ती प्रॉपर्टी एजंटच्या घोळामुळे. प्रॉपर्टी एजंट या दोघांना एकच घर दाखवतो.

Swapnil and Amruta live together in same flat and slowly slowly they fall in love with each other.

Never forget to watch Amruta and Swapnil’s love story ‘Gudi Premachi’ on the occasion on Gudi Padwa on 27th & 28th March at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

Apart from serial as per source, Lalit is making debut in Marathi films. He will stay film shooting from 4th May.Still we have no updates but sure we will share Lalit Prabhakar first movie update.

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