Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi – Zee Marathi – Theme/Story

This story is about a girl called Meghna, who is in madly love with Aditya. Meghna want to marry Aditya as early as possible.

In Meghna Kudalkar’s family there is a father and mother. The Father role is performed by Uday Tikekar, who is very strict and some times does some strange things to express his anger. Meghna’s mother is a soft spoken but fears to Meghna’s father. Meghna’s father came to know about her affair with Aditya and therefore searching for right person for her. Moreover her parents are not ready to accept the guy which Meghna has selected for her. This is all about the Kudalkar family.

aditya and meghnaThe other family in this serial is Desai family. Desai family is very open minded and lovable. The name of the son in Desai family is also Aditya (This is not the same person to whom Meghna loves), Aditya Desai’s parent role is played by Girish Oak and Sukanya Kulkarni.

While searching groom for Meghna, Kudalkar family invites Desai family for Kaande Pohe program. Meghna gets confused with the Aditya name due to same name of her boyfriend and the person who comes to see her (Aditya Desai).

In coming episodes we will see, Meghna gets married to Aditya Desai and not with her boyfriend and How love develop between these two persons and how these strange persons come close to each other. This is overall theme of the show.

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