Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sooraj and Sandhya Back to Pushkar After End of Mission Mahabali- To Get Married The Third Time

The happy times are back again in the Star Plus ka most popular show, “Diya aur Baati Hum”. It is finally the end of mission Mahabali and even Sandhya is alive and does not die in the blast. Sooraj and Sandhya unite happily.

Sandhya gets back to her old avatar and is seen clad in a blue saree. Sooraj is all happy after he has Sandhya back in his life. Both of them head to Pushkar.


Sourced added that Sooraj and Sandhya head back to Pushkar with Bharat sir but in mid way, there is some prodram which is arrranged by Police academy and in that function Bharat Singh decides to do third marriage of Suraj and Sandhya as both of them helped in completing Mahabali Mission.

After the union Sandhya and Sooraj it is said that they would get married for the third time following all the rituals. A Haldi unction is planned and Sandhya looks wonderful in a yellow saree, even she dreams like Suraj comes to put haldi on her. Suraj’s condition is also same, he misses Sandhya. In Mehendi function, Suraj dram her name on Sandhya’s hand.

After rituals, at wedding barat, Sandhya comes with some police ladies by shaking legs. How interesting!

dab2A source stated, “ both Sooraj and Sandhya are happy to be together after a long time and the preparations of marriage are happening so that they are again tied in the eternal bond of love and no separation would separate them again.”

Sandhya looks amazingly wonderful wearing flowers and in a red lehanga. Even Sooraj dresses up wearing a blue sherwani and a pagadi. But surprisingly Bhaboo and Babasa are not seen in the marriage mandap. Is bhaboo still angry with Sandhya?

What will the reaction of Bhaboo after she sees Sandhya? Will her anger come down? Do stay tuned to know what’s more in store for this show.

Sandhya’s family will be shocked to see Sandhya back. How Sandhya reacts seeing her family, especially her son after a long time is what we viewers have to wait and watch.

Lalima is also waiting for Sandhya and Suraj who loves Suraj a lot. Will Lalima and Bhaho create problems between Sandhya and Suraj?

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