Baalpan Dega Deva new upcoming serial on Colors Marathi wiki, casts, timing, story

Baalpan Dega Deva new upcoming serial airs on Colors Marathi starring senior actor Vikram Gokhale in Grandpa role and Eisha as Aanandi. Vikram​ Gokhale is playing Anna character.

निरागसतेच्या गावी… श्रद्धेचा खेळ नवा..
“बालपण देगा देवा” लवकरच Colors मराठीवर.
Vikram Gokhale

लहान मुलांचे निरागस प्रश्न काही थांबतच नाहीत. निरागसतेच्या गावी, श्रद्धेचा खेळ नवा… बालपण देगा देवा लवकरच आपल्या Colors मराठीवर…
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First promo of Baalpan Dega Deva

Story of Baalpan Dega Deva is all about relationships between The Little girl and his grandfather. Little girl is very curious to know about god.

We will share star casts, story, time slot very soon. According to promo Lahanpan Dega Deva is story of grandfather and his grades daughter who asks about God.

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you is to have a happy childhood.

But what if you can’t live your childhood …?

“Baalpan Dega Deva” is a sweet relationship between Anandi and her grandfather(Anna).

Anna wants Anandi to become a doctor and like any other grandfather Anna puts in all his efforts to help Anandi for her education.

Along the way the story then takes certain twists and turns which leads to her battle to survive her childhood …

Anna and Anandi are coming soon to make you live your childhood memories.

बालपणीच्या खोड्या किती निरागस असतात ना? बालपण देगा देवा, 5 जूनपासून रात्री 9 वा.

  • Director :Ganesh Pandit
  • Cameras : Tribhuvan Babu
  • Music :Chirantan Bhat
  • Production: Under the banner of Fantastic Fifteen.
  • Star casts: Maithili Padwardhan as Anandi Kulkarni, Vikram Gokhale as Anna Desai, Milind Shinde as Madan, Shubhangi, Bhagyashree Rane
  • Writer:

Baalpan Dega Deva will start from 5th June at 9pm.

Milind Shinde seen in  very different role in Baalpan Dega Dewa serial as Madan who is playing Anna’s Bhacha role. Madan is taking responsibility of Anna’s property which is in village.

Sakhya Re serial which started since 4-5 months is going to end.


Title song/ track of Baalpan Dega Dewa

Stay tuned for more updates of Baalpan Dega Deva serial.

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