Aishwarya Shakunja is coming with new serial Main na Bhoolungi on Sony tv

Aishwarya Shakunja is very famous for her Toasty character in Saas Bina Sasural. She was last seen in India’s Dancing Superstar as host. Now she is coming back on daily soap.

Beyond Dreams’ production is producing new show on Sony Tv titled Main Na Bhoolungi. This serial is of different storyline than others and Aishwarya always wants to do something different. Aishwarya is playing female lead role in this show.

According to promo of the show, Aishwarya is very simple girl who doesn’t like do makeup  and like live like common girl life. She believes in arrange marriage and her dream is to get good husband. She is getting married to husband who is very caring but after some time he kills her by knife. But on screen he is thinking about it, it’s really very strange.

This show story is very strange and shocking, and Aishwarya’s character is also different than any other Bahu.  Aishwarya named shikha in the show and her husband is Sameer.

She is very clever and simple girl and working in some magazine company as editor but at this happiest days she find stalker that he always behind with her. He tried to create problems in shikha’s life and Sammer who is guy who always saved her in problem and try to impress her for marriage.

And finally Sameer succeed in his plan and get married with Shikha and they also had baby Manav. Sameer always tried to kill her but every time he failed in his plan and 2 and half years went off but he couldn’t anything wrong with Shikha. But at last he planned for long holiday to Panchgani and gave more surprises to impress her. When Shikha knew about her plan then she left from there with her baby Manav  but Sameer pulled her from long height place.

Fortunately Shikha is live and she took Manav’s name. She decided to take revenge against her husband Sameer and wants justice. But how will she do this and why did Sameer behave like this?

It’s very interesting to see how story moves ahead.



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  2. December 26, 2013

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